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Appliqué Flags

Appliqué Flags

When single units of a custom flag are required and the design is relatively simple, the appliqué process is the perfect choice. Appliquéd flags are both durable and economical and will showcase your design in the best possible way. Sometimes a combination of appliqué and embroidery can be used, based on artwork design. Outdoor appliquéd flags are designed to be flown on flagpoles and move in the wind. Due to the distance of the flag from the viewer and the motion of the flag, Simplicity and distinctness should be stressed in the design. Lettering and design are appliquéd of single reverse construction reading correctly on the front and reverse on the opposite side. Double-sided flags are available, but recommended for indoor use. Due to the weight, double-sided flags do not fly well and tend to wear more quickly.

We will need to see the artwork for the design you would like to have appliquéd before we can give you an accurate price. Because each appliquéd flag is cut and sewn by hand the complexity of the artwork will determine the price and availability – unlike digitally printed flags that are just based on size and quantity.  Unlike digitally printed flags, appliquéd flags cannot show any gradients or shading, only spot colors can be appliquéd. Appliqued flags use colors from the nylon color chart since nothing is being printed or dyed during the appliquéd process.

Because appliquéd flags are cut and sewn by hand the standard production time is approximately 3 weeks once the order and artwork is approved, and there is little or no rush service available with appliquéd flags. If your art is complex with gradients, shading or many colors – or you need a flag produced quickly, please visit our digitally printed custom flags page here.

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